Furtivue (providing a furtive view over your messages) 

Furtivue is a web service that allows you to send temporary (self-destructing) emails, as in, you can control how long the message is going to stay with the recipient.

When they open your Furtivue message, it appears for a specified number of seconds, then self-destroys. The duration will depends upon the length of the message (Or you can choose how long you want the message to be displayed).

This could be used for sending confidential/secret information (such as passwords), or any other data you don't want the receiver to keep permanently in their e-mail box : for some reason, you may want to express yourself without leaving a permanent record.
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Notiflux (Your flux of notes and notifications)

A news aggregator, mostly into education, technology, gaming and virtual worlds.

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A very early version of Bavardica, the 2D Silverlight virtual world. Users can create and customise animated characters to represent them on the scene while they interact.

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Arvixe, an outstanding ASP.NET hosting company with instant chat support (24/7). They provide unlimited SQL Server databases, emails and subdomains. Evasium is a proud customer!

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