The Evasium Labs

Even though, we didn't have any official launch yet, we have a few applications in development, some of them are in beta test.


Bavardica : a Silverlight 2D virtual world.

Degammage : a Silverlight online game portal

Notiflux : your flux of notes and notifications, bringing news and social updates together. 

Furtivue : a tool to send furtive messages that can be viewed only once.

Rigolado : a real time jokes aggregator


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A very early version of Bavardica, the 2D Silverlight virtual world. Users can create and customise animated characters to represent them on the scene while they interact.

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Useful links

Check out Evasium Flux, our Web Platform with a focus on Education, Science and Virtual Worlds. You are welcome to submit content and vote.

What is it?

Arvixe, an outstanding ASP.NET hosting company with instant chat support (24/7). They provide unlimited SQL Server databases, emails and subdomains. Evasium is a proud customer!

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